North Lake Correctional Facility


North Lake Correctional Facility, a significant landmark in Baldwin, Michigan, is quite the talk of the town. Tucked away in Lake County, it’s a privately owned prison that caters to medium- and maximum-security inmates. The facility is operated by GEO Group, one of the largest private prison companies in the country.

The North Lake Correctional Facility can house up to 1,800 inmates. It was initially constructed with 570 beds in 1999 but was later expanded to accommodate more inmates. Each cell within the facility is designed to hold two inmates and has a bunk bed, toilet, sink, and table.

The North Lake Correctional Facility has a rich history. It opened as an immigrant prison in October 2019, marking another chapter in its operational journey. Over the years, it has seen various transformations and changes in management.

The facility is known for its public-private partnership with the Bureau of Prisons (BOP). This unique setup allows it to house non-U.S. citizens who have been incarcerated. However, it’s not just a place of confinement. The facility also seeks to rehabilitate its inmates and prepare them for a more positive future.

In recent news, there’s been talk about the North Lake Correctional Facility closing its doors in September. This development surprised many, considering that GEO Group was looking to fill almost 300 jobs in preparation for a reopening.

The facility remains integral to Baldwin’s landscape despite the uncertainty surrounding its future. It has even been subject to media attention, with several YouTube videos offering a glimpse inside its walls.

The North Lake Correctional Facility continues to be at the center of heated debates. Several groups have urged authorities to prevent the facility from becoming an ICE detention center. These discussions reflect the facility’s significance in Baldwin and more significant conversations about incarceration and immigration.

Visiting hours for the North Lake Correctional Facility are Sundays from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. It’s important to note that visitation schedules can vary. For further information or inquiries, contacting The Geo Group Inc. is recommended.



1805 West 32nd Street Baldwin,

MI 49304






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