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Our Goal

Helping Inmates and their Families Survive Incarceration

JailAid was created to assist inmates and their families maintain the bonds they both depend on to survive. When inmates are punished with separation from loved ones, innocent families are punished too. Children suffer from the loss of a parent and spouses suffer financially and emotionally as they raise children alone. JailAid was created to help preserve these bonds.

All Prisons are “For Profit Prisons”

Prisoners and their families have become the targeted piggy bank of prison systems looking for ways to cut costs and make a profit. Everything a prisoner and family needs to mentally and physically survive has been targeted as source of profit. Prisoners are expected to pay for everything from soap and toothpaste shoes and phone calls. Each are marked up to the highest price the average prisoner can pay with little regard for those who can’t. JailAid was created to help families who ultimately pay these bills to lower their cost.

Society suffers when Inmate Families Suffer

Inmates who lose contact with their family are more than four times as likely to wind up back in prison. Families who fall apart during incarceration are twice as likely to have a child who will go to prison. No one benefits from restricting contact between inmates and their families. A prison that charges high fees for phone calls may make a profit, but inmates, families, taxpayers and society end up at a loss. No one benefits from these harmful practices.  Jailaid was created to counter these harmful and self destructive structures.

A beautiful family hugging eachother.
Helping Families stay Closer

The best way to survive and thrive is to use the best practices that have proven successful for other families.
JailAid provides links to low cost services that enable inmates and families maintain long distance relationships and maintain common experiences and bonds.

We provide:
Free Book Services  for Inmate Families so you can read book together and have common shared experiences to think and talk about.
Tricks for Making Cheap Jail Phone Calls so you can save money and reduce hardship.
Commissary Supply Services so you can send your inmate the things they need without prison markups.
Simply PostCard Mailing Services so you can quickly and easily send pictures and letters to an inmate in a fully compliant format they will be allowed to receive.
Money Transfer Services so you can add funds to an inmate’s account without paying higher fees than necessary.
Links to Local Prison assistance organizations and Church Groups that can help you during visits and emergencies.

JailAid needs your help too

It’s important that the information we provide is correct. We depend on prison families and groups to help us keep our information current. We also want to hear about any important information you may have on a local prison that other prison families should know about. If you have information or updates please send them to [email protected]

JailAid Supports “Prison Lives”, a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization, Prison Lives was established to educate and enable prisoners to be productive individuals while incarcerated for a positive existence both inside and outside of prison life.

People putting their hands together to represent teamwork.
Reduce recidivism for former inmates.

Reduce Recidivism

Studies show that inmates with strong family connections are less likely to end up back in prison.

Educate inmates and families on how to use available resources.

Educate Inmates & Families

Our website content is meant to help aid inmates and their families with thoughtful resources and information.

Lower jail call or inmate calling costs.

Lower Jail Call Costs

GTL and Securus charge up to $14 per minute for long distance jail calls. Our resources can help you bypass it.

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Our Website Editorial Standards Policy

We place the utmost importance on maintaining unwavering editorial integrity for every piece of content that appears on our website. Our meticulous process involves thorough fact checking, peer reviewing, and double checking before any information is made available to the public. Rest assured that we provide only accurate and trustworthy information. Our dedicated team of experts works diligently to deliver valuable and practical content tailored to each online individual’s needs.