Hightower Unit in Dayton


The L.V. Hightower Unit, located at 902 FM 686 in Dayton, TX, is a unique entity within the state’s correctional system. Nestled in Liberty County, this facility is a pivotal component of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. The Hightower Unit’s history is a testament to the state’s commitment to incarceration and rehabilitation.

As of the latest available data, the visitation schedule for the L.V. Hightower Unit typically includes weekends, with visiting hours falling between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays. Visitors should adhere to the designated schedules to ensure a smooth visitation experience.

The exact figures for the inmate population can vary over time due to transfers, releases, and new admissions. To obtain up-to-date information on the current population housed at the Hightower Unit, interested parties can contact the facility directly or access official sources for inmate rosters and statistics.

Visiting an inmate at the L.V. Hightower Unit requires strict adherence to specific guidelines and protocols. Making prior arrangements and understanding the facility’s rules are crucial to ensuring a successful and hassle-free visit. Familiarizing oneself with the visitation procedures and regulations is of the utmost importance for visitors and inmates.

The L.V. Hightower Unit plays a pivotal role in Texas’s corrections landscape. It provides a controlled environment for offenders while offering programs aimed at rehabilitation and reintegration. The facility’s unwavering commitment to safety, security, and inmate well-being is a testament to its importance within the state’s correctional system, ensuring that you can trust in the facility’s operations.

For comprehensive information about the Hightower Unit in Dayton, including inmate records search and visitation details, individuals can easily refer to the official website of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice or utilize online inmate search platforms specific to the state of Texas. This accessibility ensures that you can always stay informed and confident about the procedures and regulations.



902 FM 686

Dayton, TX 77535


(936) 258-8013 (**041)

(325) 223-1334


[email protected]



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