The Federal Detention Center, Honolulu


The Federal Detention Center (FDC) in Honolulu, Hawaii, is an administrative-security federal prison that provides housing for both male and female inmates. Located adjacent to the Daniel K. Inouye International Airport, the FDC Honolulu is situated at the airport’s western perimeter, giving it a unique and convenient location.

The facility is a twelve-story building that serves as a temporary holding center for individuals awaiting trial or sentencing. Managed by the Federal Bureau of Prisons, the FDC Honolulu plays a crucial role in the criminal justice system, ensuring federal detainees’ safe and secure custody.

As an administrative-security-level prison, the FDC Honolulu focuses on maintaining order and providing appropriate care to its inmate population. The facility operates under strict guidelines, ensuring the inmates’ and staff members’ safety and well-being.

Visitation at the FDC Honolulu follows a specific schedule. Visitors can come on Monday between 7:30 A.M. and 1:30 P.M. for Housing Unit 4B, Tuesday for Housing Unit 5B, and Friday. Before planning a visit, it is essential to check with the facility regarding any specific visitation requirements or restrictions.

You can contact the facility directly if you need information about a detainee housed at the FDC Honolulu. The staff is available to assist callers between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. It’s important to note that inquiries should be made during the specified hours to ensure prompt assistance.

The FDC Honolulu has been an integral part of the criminal justice system in Hawaii, contributing to the safe and orderly processing of federal detainees. With its strategic location and commitment to security, the facility plays a vital role in maintaining public safety while upholding the rights and dignity of those within its walls.

For further information about the Federal Detention Center, Honolulu, including inmate records search and visitation details, individuals can refer to the official website of the Federal Bureau of Prisons or utilize online inmate search platforms specific to the state of Hawaii.










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