Whitworth Women’s Facility


The Whitworth Women’s Facility, located in Georgia, has a rich history dating back to 1991, when it was first established in response to the growing need for a specialized correctional institution for female offenders. Over the years, the facility has undergone renovations and remissions, with the latest renovation in 2013. Currently, it operates as a medium-security facility that can accommodate 442 offenders.

The Whitworth Women’s Facility has been the focus of various community engagement initiatives. Organizations such as the Georgia Museum of Art have worked to bring art kits and selected works of art to the facility, recognizing the transformative power of art as a form of freedom for incarcerated individuals.       

Moreover, the facility has become an essential space for education and learning. University professors, like those from the University of Georgia, have dedicated themselves to teaching and engaging with the inmates, fostering an environment of growth and intellectual stimulation within the prison walls.

As part of the Georgia Department of Corrections, the Whitworth Women’s Facility is a testament to the state’s efforts to rehabilitate and support female offenders. It is an integral part of the broader network of correctional institutions and programs the department operates, emphasizing the commitment to aiding and reintegrating individuals into society.

The visitation schedule for the Whitworth Women’s Facility includes visitations on:

  • Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, with each visiting period set for a minimum of six hours.
  • Typically, the visiting hours are from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM      
  • Wednesday at 5:00 PM is the cutoff time to request visitation for the week
  • Visitors are required to have the offender ID (GDC ID) for the inmate they wish to visit.

For further information about the Whitworth Women’s Facility, including inmate records search and visitation details, individuals can refer to the official website of the Georgia Department of Corrections or utilize online inmate search platforms specific to the state of Georgia.



414 Valley Hart Road

Hartwell, GA 30643


(706) 856-2601


(706) 856-2646





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