What’s The Punishment for Prostitution in Las Vegas?

When people talk about life in Las Vegas, you’ll most likely think about how cool and awesome would it be to live there.

In Sin City, non-stop partying and gambling are the norms. Not just that, some people travel all the way to Las Vegas because they believe prostitution there is legal.

A Las Vegas alley at night where prostitutes wait for customers.

Contrary to popular beliefs, prostitution is illegal in Las Vegas. Being convicted of such could have you facing serious jail time.

Here are the things you should know about prostitution in Las Vegas and what punishment awaits for you if you get caught. (Related: How to Find Out If The Police Are Investigating You)

What is Prostitution?

In the state of Nevada, prostitution is defined as engaging in sexual activities for financial or material gain. Nevada allows operating brothels for counties with less than 700,000 residents.

While only eight counties have legal brothels, it doesn’t include Clark County where the city of Las Vegas is in.

Is Prostitution Same With Solicitation?

People always confuse solicitation with prostitution. Solicitation is when people find a client for a prostitute and earn a “commission” from it. This is more commonly known as “pimping.”

What Are The Penalties For Prostitution?

Both solicitation and prostitution in Las Vegas are considered a misdemeanor offense. For first-time offenders, charges include no more than six months of jail time and a fine of not more than $1,000, or both.

However, soliciting a minor or a child below 18 years old is treated as a Class E felony. This type of offense is usually punishable by one to four years of imprisonment and a fine up to $5,000.

Prostitution is a serious crime, and lack of knowledge of Nevada laws is no excuse. If convicted, it will show on your record and can affect the rest of your life. It can limit where you work, where you live, and the opportunity to have a better life. (Related: How to Prepare for Adjusting to Life After Prison)

Escorts Are Legal In Las Vegas

While prostitution is illegal in Las Vegas, escorts are perfectly legal there and in some other cities.

Escorts are hired companions for either public or private events. They can be from both genders, but more women are into this profession.

Although it is legal in Nevada, the only escorts allowed to operate are those that are state-licensed. However, they are not allowed to offer sexual services else they will face a prostitution charge.

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