Top Things You Didn’t Know About Prison Consultants

Prison life is hard for everyone. It’s a world completely unlike the one we know outside. It operates on different rules and social hierarchy. For first timers, it can be totally overwhelming.

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That’s where prison consultants enter the picture. They prepare their clients on how to cope inside the prison. Their services can range from giving tips on how to avoid being caught in prison riots to making prison delicacies. In short, they make prison life easier for those who can afford to pay for their services.

Yes, a prison consultant’s services is invaluable for a new inmate. But it comes with a steep price tag. Service fees could go as high as $550 an hour. No wonder most of their clients are white collar criminals, celebrities, high-level drug dealers and politicians.

Here are other things you didn’t know about prison consultants:

Most of Them Are Ex-Convicts Themselves

There’s nobody better qualified to give you prison advice than someone who once did their time too. For this reason, many ex-convicts who have turned their life around are making money as prison consultants.

Some previous jail officers have jumped in on the bandwagon too. But a lot of people think that a former inmate can give a better perspective about life in prison.

The Profession Is Not Regulated

Yes, there is no government agency overseeing prison consultancy services. The Federal Bureau of Prisons know about them but they just couldn’t care enough. Some companies offer prison consultant certifications but none of them are accredited by the government.

So take certain precautions when dealing with prison consultants. Ask relevant questions, their qualifications and how they came to be working as prison consultants.

They Give Advice to Lawyers Too

Apart from giving their clients advice on how to survive in prison, they also advise their lawyers on how to lobby for a lesser sentence. Sometimes they give advices on where the best prisons to be incarcerated in so the lawyer can lobby for that too.

Success Is Not Guaranteed

When a prison consultant guarantees a success, they probably aren’t the real deal. That’s because prison consultants can only do so much. A lot of other factors can affect how an inmate will fare in prison.

For one, they could choose not to follow some of the consultant’s advise. Or their personality gets in the way of them getting along with the other inmates. Thus, successful assimilation in prison can never be guaranteed.

They Get No Special Treatments from the FBP

No matter what they say to the contrary, prison consultants don’t get special treatments from the Federal Bureau of Prisons (FBP). Their requests are treated just like everyone else’s. So if they’re claiming to be on the FBP’s VIP list, start looking for other consultants.

They Prepare Clients for Post-Prison Life Too

For most inmates, life after prison could be just as scary as the one inside it. Their conviction record can severely affect their employment prospects. The years they’ve spent in prison could also make it hard for them to integrate back into society.

This is one of the services provided by prison consultants. Aside from providing advice on how to survive in prison, they also help them get back on their feet once they are released. Along with it are tips on how to avoid going back inside.

For inmates who can’t afford to shell out large amount of money for this service, local prison support groups is a practical alternative. Prison support websites like JailAid can also be a great help. We have an extensive resources of prison news and tips on how to make cheap jail calls and send cheap prison mails and postcards. Families can also search for their loved ones in various jails and prisons around the country with our inmate locator.

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