Sample Love Letters to Your Boyfriend in Jail

Sample Love Letters to Your Boyfriend in Jail

Published September 16th, 2019

Incarceration is one of the greatest trials couples can go through. It’s not easy to love someone whom you can’t be with physically. You miss them and always worry about them. No amount of letters and phone calls can compensate for the longing you feel.

Unfortunately, people with loved ones in prison have no other choice. They can only talk to their significant other through letters, phone calls, and occasional visits. But cheap jail calls are hard to come by, and it’s limited to only a few hours per month. So sending letters to jail is more affordable and, sometimes, the only option. Thus making every letter count is essential.

If you are going through this tough time, here are our samples of love letters to your boyfriend in jail.



Prison is meant to constrain someone’s freedom by cutting them off from the rest of the world. That’s why inmates want nothing more than to feel that they’re still part of the world they left behind. Write to them about what you did in a day, no matter how boring it is. You can exaggerate it a bit to make it funny but don’t make stories up. Stick to your real-life experiences.


With nothing better to do, prisoners are in great need of mental stimulation. Play a game in your letters. You can write a few lines which he needs to complete or write a puzzle which he needs to solve. Just make sure it won’t the warden won’t mistake it for a coded message or it won’t ever reach him.


Jail time can be exceedingly depressing. Inmates desperately need something to lift their spirits. Quote him the bible or any inspirational line you find on the web.


Inmates like to feel special too. Sending him a personalized card on his birthday or special occasions can make them feel that they’re not forgotten.



This one goes without saying. Letters to jail are inspected by prison staff before they make their way to an inmate’s hands. If they find any mention of escapes, drugs, or sneaking in contraband (even jokingly), your boyfriend could find himself in hot waters.


Some prison staff may allow hot and steamy messages on paper, but others may not be so forgiving. It can be grounds for your letter not to reach your boyfriend.


If expressing yourself on paper isn’t your forte, you can always get inspiration from other people’s writings. Snap a few lines you think he’ll like and quote it in your letter. Or you can get ideas from them and use your own words. Your creativity is the limit. You can get inspiration from:

  • his favorite book or song
  • greeting cards
  • online forums
  • poetry books
  • literature magazines
  • blogs


These are some lines you can insert in your love letters to your boyfriend in jail:

A sample love letter quote from Franz Kafka.
A sample love letter quote from a Hallmark Card.
A sample love letter quote from Debra Madore.
A sample love letter quote from a Hallmark Card.


These are short letters you can send to your man in jail. You can write short messages to him every day and mail it all throughout the week. Prisoners like it when they get more letters. It gives them a semi-superstar status.


A sample birthday letter for someone in prison.


A sample letter to prison form the poem Worlds Apart.


A sample letter to prison from the poem The Game.


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Just like narcotics, weapons are also a big no-no during jail visits. In most jails, guards are equipped with metal detectors to search for any concealed weapons. Visitors get thoroughly screened before they’re let inside too. Depending on the security level of the facility where the inmate is in, you can also expect a body scanner.

The classification of illegal weapons also varies per state. Guns are common denominators though some states allow certain types of firearms. Felony cases for possession of illegal weapons are punishable of up to 10 years in jail along with steep penalties.


You can often see it in Hollywood movies: a jail official accepts money in return for a “favor.” In real life, this happens a lot too. But that doesn’t mean you should do it. Not all officers would happily take your cash and turn a blind eye. To others, it can be construed as an insult and will instead put you in handcuffs.

Bribes are not only about giving cash. Offering anything of value or even just the promise of it constitutes the crime. US Federal law provides that anyone caught bribing a public official including jail officers shall be fined and or imprisoned for not more than two years.


This is one of the ways a jail visit can lead to arrest that you shouldn’t do. In an environment where tempers can quickly run high, sometimes it’s inevitable that our emotions get the better of us. Because of this, jail visitors sometimes get into disagreements with police officers. But whatever happens, you must always keep your cool.

Whether you’re in jail or outside, assaulting a police officer is a serious offense. The term “assault” has different definitions per state. But, most of the time, it involves threats or the use of physical force to cause fear in the victim.

Assaulting a police officer is one sure way to land yourself in jail. How long you will inside depend on the severity and circumstances of your crime. You might even be asked to pay for compensation to the victim.

In Florida, jail time for assaulting an officer can range from six months to as long as thirty years. The punishment also depends on the injury suffered by the police officer. In California, this offense qualifies as a misdemeanor. The sentence usually includes one year of incarceration and a fine not exceeding $2,000. Charges can be elevated to a felony if the officer suffers “serious bodily injury.”

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