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El Dorado is home to the Butler County KS Detention Facility. This prison serves Butler County County and surrounding areas. Butler County KS Detention Facility is a minimum security prison facility located in Butler County. Butler County KS Detention Facility is a county jail, serving El Dorado and surrounding areas. Butler County KS Detention Facility is located at 701 Se Stone Rd El Dorado Kansas 67042-5500. It’s important to verify the location of your inmate before trying to visit.

Calling an inmate can be difficult and costly. Some prisons charge inmates up to $14 a minute to make long-distance calls. The best way to avoid these fees is to set up a local phone number that has the same area code as the jail but rings at your phone number(s) no matter where you live. Globaltel provides this service and you can reach them at Inmate Calls. To send mail to an inmate you can visit Jail Postcards.

Step one is to locate your inmate. Inmates may be in a local city jail pending trial or following sentencing before transfer to a longer-term state prison. Step two is to call the inmate. Gaining permission to visit a prisoner is often difficult. You’ll need to call an inmate first to learn what days and times and places they have been approved for visitation. Setting up phone service with an inmate will allow you to get this information directly so you can avoid any problems.

Butler County KS Detention Facility is a county jail, so most of the inmates at Butler County KS Detention Facility will be post trial convicts serving medium sentences that that were too long for short term police department jail stays, but not long enough to justify transfer to a Kansas State prison facility. It’s important for inmates in County jail to have access to commissary funds to buy things like toothpaste and stamps for letters. They will also need funds for phone calls which should be made using a service like Globaltel’s cheaper jail call service at Inmate Calls to avoid long distance charges when making prison calls.

Butler County KS Detention Facility is in the CST time zone. The warden at Butler County KS Detention Facility is Captain Erik Ramsey. It’s important for families of inmates to help each other with information and tips about the prison facility they are in. You can leave comments and tips below about the best places to stay when visiting your inmate as well comments about any local service organization not already on our list of those available to help local families of inmates. We urge you to add your own comments about Butler County KS Detention Facility below. “


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