How Does a DUI/DWI Charge Affect Your DACA Renewal?

For people who are under DACA, getting involved in trouble is the last thing they have to be in.

If you are under DACA, then you have to know, and you need to be mindful that minor charges can affect your DACA renewal. Even the slightest offense or misdemeanors can cause you your deportation.

Someone who is drinking while driving.

DACA Has Strict Requirements

While DACA can be helpful to lots of immigrants, they have a lot of requirements and can be very strict about it. An example of it is that an applicant should not have any prior convictions.

For example, an applicant convicted with a felony DUI automatically results in a denial of your DACA renewal. While being convicted in misdemeanor DUI, there’s a chance of rejection of a DACA renewal.

Can Plea Deals and Expunged Convictions Take Care Of It?

Most of the time, plea deals often resolve DUI charges. However, it’s essential to know that those are still convictions, and it can even impact your DACA renewal.

On the other hand, sealing off your criminal record is always the best option. Unfortunately, DACA can disregard your expunged convictions because of their granted discretionary powers.

The best thing to do here is to consult your case with an immigration attorney so they can help you with how you can be eligible for DACA renewal.

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