Life Inside a White Collar Prison

White-collar prison. If you’ve followed the whole debacles concerning famous names like Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort, then that term would make sense to you. It’s where white-collar criminals like them are usually sent to spend their sentences. Most people also know it as “Club Fed” and for a good reason. If we are to […]

What Are White Collar Prisons Like

Club Fed. Rich man’s prison. Those are what most people think about when they hear the word “white collar prison”. Indeed, even in incarceration, wealth and influence still comes into play. Small town thieves with no connection whatsoever gets thrown in a regular jail. While high profile people can expect cushy accommodations. But is it […]

How To Make Inmate Video Calls

What’s better than calling someone? Calling someone and seeing them at the same time. Thanks to technology, we can now talk to and see someone from miles away. Where before you will just hear their voice, now you can actually see their faces. It’s almost like talking to them in person. Jails have also caught […]