About Franchette Jardin

Agatha has done some extensive research in the past about prison and life inside one. Now she writes prison-related articles to help inmates cope and begin a better life after.

How to Reduce a Shoplifting Fine

Petty theft or shoplifting laws vary from state to state. Some punishments will include prison time, while others will just slap you with a large fine. Either which, here are several lawyer-provided tips on how to reduce a shoplifting fine. What Should You Do If You Get Caught Shoplifting? Being charged with a misdemeanor or […]

How Prisoners Deal with Addiction

Addiction is a condition wherein a person finds it hard to stop using a substance. In the US, it is very common and widespread. Statistics show about 21 million Americans have at least one addiction. Whether it’s alcohol, heroin, or any other substances, only 10% of them receive treatment. The majority of the people in prison […]